Famous Blood Clot Meaning Ideas

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Famous Blood Clot Meaning Ideas. A blood clot is blood that has partially solidified in a blood vessel. What is a blood clot?

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This process may be triggered by an injury or it can sometimes occur inside blood. What is a blood clot? Clot noun [ c ] us / klɑt / a lump, esp.

A Blood Clot In A Leg Is Called A Dvt (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Clot verb [ i/t ] us / klɑt / to become thicker and more solid, or. Blood clotting, or coagulation, is an important process that prevents excessive bleeding when a blood vessel is injured. A roundish viscous lump formed by coagulation of a portion of liquid or.

Blood Vessels Are Your Body’s Highway System.

They are beneficial when they form in response to an injury or a cut, plugging the injured blood vessel,. Due to the clot interrupting blood flow in the brain, it can cause speech issues with common affectations like slurring and stuttering. A thick and sticky clump of dried blood that stops blood from flowing through a blood vessel in a person or an animal

A Clotted Mass Of Blood | Meaning, Pronunciation, Translations And Examples

Now, science terms it as. Heart attacks occur when a blood clot blocks vessels to the heart. Clotting is a necessary process that can prevent you from losing too much.

Maybe You Are Going Through A.

Bloodclot a colloquial jamaican saying. It is described as a condition that exists when proteins, platelets, and cells in the blood stick together. A portion of a substance adhering together in a thick nondescript mass (as of clay or gum) 2 a :

Clotting Is A Necessary Process That Can Prevent You From.

Blood clotting the cascaded sequence of changes which occur when blood comes in contact with damaged tissue and which culminates in the production of a solid seal in the damaged vessel. Clots form to stop bleeding, such as at the site of cut. Platelets (a type of blood cell) and proteins in your plasma (the liquid.

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